Which instrument should my child start with?

Guitar and Bongos

To start I would recommend drums and/or piano. Both teach independence and create a strong rhythmic foundation, which is the basis for all instruments and all music-making.

At what age should my child starts taking lessons?

Every child is different, and I had children as young as 3 starting with 30 minute lessons. In general, I would suggest starting drums or piano at around age 4, if the child shows real interest. To produce a good-sounding note on the guitar is not as easy as on piano or drums, so I recommend beginning guitar from 7 onward. To learn the bass, I would start even later (10 upward), as the strings are thick and the instrument is quite large – it needs some strength and longer fingers to be able to play it.

What does a typical lesson look like?

In a typical first lesson I will come to the house and in an easy-going and friendly way will assess what the skill-level of the child is regarding the instrument. Then, we will work out if the child wants me to lead the lesson, or if they already have a plan in mind – often kids want to learn certain songs and I happily work with that enthusiasm for it gives them incentive to play and practice. I also bring my guitar and some small hand drums to the lessons. Whatever the instrument is that your child wants to play, I introduce that music is about sharing and playing together. Within the first few lessons I play along with the child on the guitar or a drum at times, which really helps timing and rhythm, creates an atmosphere of shared experience and takes the pressure off some children who might feel they have to “perform” when playing by themselves alone.

How long does a lesson last?

For younger students under 8 years of age, I recommend 45 minutes or less. Most students’ attention lags after that point, which is understandable and to be expected at that stage in their development. From 9 years onward I recommend an hour.

Do you teach multiple kids/siblings?

Yes, I have many families for which I teach more than one child at their house. Though I have found it does not work when I teach more than one child at a time. Each child needs and works best with individual attention.

What is your rate?

For rates, please contact me either on the phone (818 209 7768) or via email: privatemusiclessonsla@gmail.com

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