Private Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles

Learning to play the guitar is one of the most rewarding Private Music Lessons Los Angeles Guitarexperiences a person can have. There is something special and inspiring when you hear yourself play songs on the guitar that you have known all your life or hear your children play their favorite tunes. Private guitar lessons in Los Angeles can help you achieve your musical goals, regardless of age or current skill set.  Guitar music teacher Dicki Fliszar has been helping students in Los Angeles learn to play the guitar for years, providing a holistic and nurturing approach to the instrument that can provide a lifetime worth of enjoyment.

In-home, private guitar lessons allow students to learn at their own pace, while getting one-on-one attention to help them reach goals quickly and easily.  Many kids stop taking guitar lessons after a few short months because they feel like they aren’t improving at the speed that they had hoped for.  Private music teacher Dicki Fliszar helps students set and meet realistic expectations, realize their goals, and, most importantly, continue learning while having fun playing the guitar at the level they were hoping for.

Learn How To Play The Guitar

Fliszar has years of experience as a professional musician and as a private music instructor, teaching lessons all around Los Angeles.  Servicing Los Angeles from Malibu and the West Side to Hollywood, he has helped students of all ages and skill sets learn to play guitar with personalized in-home lessons.

Dicki teaches private lessons on both the acoustic and electric guitar, in all genres of music from rock to country.  Starting with the basics and working up to advanced guitar techniques with proven teaching methods; Fliszar has a number of happy musical clients around the Los Angeles area.  Contact Dicki directly today to get a free quote on private guitar lessons.

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