Music Recitals

Regular music recitals offer the student an opportunity to share his/her progress with family and friends alike. The recital also acts as a valuable tool in goal-setting for all students of private music lessons. In his many years as a touring and performing musician, top private music teacher Dicki Fliszar learned one lesson early on: “One show is worth ten rehearsals.”

The experience of playing live in front of an audience sharpens the physical skills, helps overcome mental roadblocks, acts as a confidence booster and creates memorable milestones. Dicki is helping the students by creating a comfortable environment and a no-pressure concert situation. The recital motto is: “We are not here to impress anyone, but to express ourselves.”

Share, Accomplish, Inspire

Every student takes home the feeling of accomplishment and an increased sense of self-worth. Watching other, more advanced students perform also opens up the eyes and minds of private music lesson students to what is possible to achieve. Sharing music in this way is rewarding and inspiring. Contrary to the fad of popular music TV shows, our recitals are not set up to promote competition, and do not look towards crowning one winner and regarding everyone else as a loser, but they are conceptualized to create a shared, positive experience of enjoying music together, which is one of the oldest and most basic human forms of connection.

The next private music lesson recital will be held, as always, at the Martin Luther King auditorium, which is situated at the Santa Monica public library. Please contact Dicki for an exact date and time and more info.

All students and non-students are invited to come and enjoy the music!