I am writing this letter with regard to Dicki Fliszar, who has taught music, writing 
Private Music Lessons Los Angeles Guitarand recording to our three childrenover the last five years. I am greatly pleased to have the opportunity to write a letter in support of Dicki and his teaching practice.

Dicki is an incredibly talented musician with the unique ability to translate his talents into inspiration, instruction and modeling for others. I have three extremely active boys whose current ages range from 13 to 19. Dicki found creative and engaging ways to teach each boy in a fashion that appealed to their individual talents and interests. His patience is extraordinary. The true care and enthusiasm he demonstrated was undeniable. I knew without question how important it was to him that my boys love music and from that love he inspired to learn, grow and experiment with different instruments and expressions of music. He taught them a range of instruments and applications including drums, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, writing music and recording. My oldest son is now an engineering student at John Hopkins University and continues to develop his interest in music though music composition courses and performing. I believe that all of my children will carry their love of music throughout their lives.

I would highly recommend Dicki to anyone who is interested in learning an instrument or any aspect of music performance. We are grateful for the investment Dicki has made in the development of our boys.

- Rebecca Moore, Pacific Palisades

Our son has been studying with Dicki for the past 3 years and within that time, he has unlocked a love and enthusiasm for playing the drums.  He has developed a keen ear and is highly motivated by Dicki, whom he enjoys being around.  We would recommend Dicki to any person, child or adult, who is looking to advance or fine-tune their musical ear.

- John Powell, Film Composer and Melinda Lerner, Photographer, Pacific Palisades

I would like to take this time to recommend a fantastic artist-music teacher. Dicki Fliszar has worked with our son Gabe on both the drums and guitar. He is patient, hip, knowledgeable, and a true pleasure to have in our home every week. If that doesn’t say enough about Dicki he is also a recording artist who in between teaching and being a family man he still tours around the globe. We were so lucky to have him sent our way. If you desire to have the gift and knowledge of music for you or a family member the ability to play on your own and the pride that goes along with that? Dicki is your guy!

- Deborah, Malibu, California

I am so glad that Dicki came into our lives.

As a professional musician, it became apparent to me that I needed my children to be given the same gifts I was given, and I was panicked that they were not at the same “level” I was at at their age.  I didn’t want to over-program them, and wanted things to happen naturally.

Dicki’s name was given to me at the perfect time, and the children enjoy his visits to the house, in which he engages with them on a gentle and relateable level. The first time Dicki left, my kids were able to play songs on the piano, chords on the guitar, and were playing patterns on their drums. They were transformed.  He is showing the kids theory,  helping them to optimize their natural abilities with their natural ear, and also letting them dictate what kind of material they would like to explore and learn!

I am literally RELIEVED that Dicki is our music man.

- Chantal Kreviazuk, Singer, Songwriter, Pianist

My son Buck has taken great pleasure in studying music with Dicki Fliszar for the past 3 years.  Dicki calmly led the studies, let Buck explore on his own and opened my son up to his own creativity. He also taught my son a lot about focus. After a year of studying drums, the two of them started to write and record songs, which my son enjoyed tremendously. Dicki is clearly an experienced teacher. I recommend Dicki to anyone who is looking for a friendly, creative, experienced and insightful music teacher.

- Roseanne Barr, Actress, Comedian, Writer, Television Producer and Director